Vidquik on TechCrunch TV!

Our CEO, Bernard Moon, was on TechCrunch TV recently:

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Vidquik Product & Demo Video

Our new product and demo video is up now! There are two versions: primary version and long version. You can see them here on YouTube:


Our Beta is Live!

Our beta is live! Well, it’s been alive for a few weeks now, but our blog gets the standard blog treatment among social media.  Twitter and Facebook get much more attention hence the delay in posting this announcement on our blog.

As a recap, on September 13th, 2011 we launched our free one-to-one web conferencing service, which is video plus online presentation sharing, at DEMO, the prestigious launch conference in Silicon Valley.

There was great confirmation from people who were seeking an easy-to-use web conferencing solution and along the way we garnered some great press:

“DemoFall 2011: Top 5 New Techs I’d use”  IEEE Spectrum

“The 15 Most Intriguing Pitches from DEMO Fall 2011”  Network World

“Vidquik tries to disrupt online meetings with free 1-to-1 web conferencing”  VentureBeat

You can read more news clips from our Facebook page here. We also revealed our strategy and product direction, which is to focus on enhancing sales productivity and providing salespeople powerful but easy-to-use tools related to our web conferencing platform.

Vidquik is not focused on the collaboration space and providing tools to enhance corporate communications. We are focused on increasing sales productivity and helping salespeople close deals, so as we look towards our official launch in November 2011 we ask for your feedback and any recommendations you might have for our product. We appreciate your continued support and help!

Bernard Moon

Co-founder & CEO

Vidquik Launching at DEMO!

Exciting news is that we’re launching our beta at DEMO!

They had over 1,000 companies apply for this session and accepted approximately 5%. Our team believed DEMO was the best fit for Vidquik since the conference is owned by IDG whose publications (200 magazines and newspapers and 460 websites including Computer World, Mac World, and PC World) include our target markets of SMBs and tech influencers within corporate walls. Also DEMO has a rich history of companies such as Palm, Tivo, ETrade,, and others launching at the conference.

Now instead of launching our beta at the end of August, it will be pushed back to September 12th-14th. See you then!

Update from Alpha Land

Our alpha testing has gone well so far and we appreciate all your feedback, bug reports and suggestions. We have had almost 800 people visit Vidquik ( and conduct over 1,000 video meetings from 48 countries. This was awesome since it was only through emailing our personal and professional contacts along with a few tweets.

We would appreciate your continued testing and feedback as we move toward our beta launch next month. During the beta, we will open our complete web conferencing solution, which is video plus presentation sharing. What’s exciting is that we will be providing the one-to-one meeting solution for free! This will also be the same as our video only solution where there will be no downloads or plugins and no registration or logins necessary to use Vidquik.

We appreciate your continued support and help!

Bernard Moon

Vidquik Gets a Facelift

We continue to appreciate your feedback and help during this alpha testing period.  One area we’ve been working on is cleaning up the aesthetics of our site.  It’s not a major facelift.  Just a nip here and there, but we hope you appreciate the clean up job by our team.  Here are some screenshots of the new designs:

Vidquik Alpha Live!

Our alpha went live today!  For those of you that might not know what an “alpha” is, it’s the stage of software development when live testing begins.  It’s typically before a product’s full features are complete.  After alpha is the beta stage, where a product’s primary features are completed and ready to be tested by a greater audience than in the alpha stage.

For Vidquik’s alpha, we are only providing our video conferencing (not a full web conferencing platform) to the public and we appreciate any help that we can get in terms of your feedback, insights, complaints, or bug reports.  Just a few minutes after our alpha was released we received several notices that our email confirmation link was broken.  FAIL. Of course the matter was quickly resolved.  We appreciate all of your notifications, comments and suggestions, so please keep them coming!

About a month from today, our beta launch will present Vidquik’s full platform, which is a video and presentation sharing platform.  Think WebEx or Citrix (GoToMeeting), but stripped down to their core essentials.  AND we made it extremely easy to use.  There are no downloads involved, no registration is required, and no login is ever necessary.  A simple to use GoToMeeting with zero hassles.  Best of all, for one-to-one meetings we will provide it for free.  If you use WebEx or GoToMeeting, you’re paying $49 per month.  With Vidquik, it will be zero.