Our beta is live! Well, it’s been alive for a few weeks now, but our blog gets the standard blog treatment among social media.  Twitter and Facebook get much more attention hence the delay in posting this announcement on our blog.

As a recap, on September 13th, 2011 we launched our free one-to-one web conferencing service, which is video plus online presentation sharing, at DEMO, the prestigious launch conference in Silicon Valley.

There was great confirmation from people who were seeking an easy-to-use web conferencing solution and along the way we garnered some great press:

“DemoFall 2011: Top 5 New Techs I’d use”  IEEE Spectrum

“The 15 Most Intriguing Pitches from DEMO Fall 2011”  Network World

“Vidquik tries to disrupt online meetings with free 1-to-1 web conferencing”  VentureBeat

You can read more news clips from our Facebook page here. We also revealed our strategy and product direction, which is to focus on enhancing sales productivity and providing salespeople powerful but easy-to-use tools related to our web conferencing platform.

Vidquik is not focused on the collaboration space and providing tools to enhance corporate communications. We are focused on increasing sales productivity and helping salespeople close deals, so as we look towards our official launch in November 2011 we ask for your feedback and any recommendations you might have for our product. We appreciate your continued support and help!

Bernard Moon

Co-founder & CEO