Facebook Page Gets Spiffy

Our Facebook Page got a little spiffier with a new graphic and welcome page.  We believe it’s a good combination of cool, cheese and draw 🙂


Initial Testing

Thank you to the initial couple hundred that tested our new service!  Your feedback was valuable and extremely helpful.

One issue we are already aware of is that using Vidquik on Firefox with Mac computers is not working. Our team has been communicating with the Mozilla/Firefox team in this issue with their protocols and hope that it will be resolved as soon as possible.

Our next step is inviting more people to our alpha, so that we can iron out the bugs and unpolished aspects of our service.  Please keep the feedback coming!  Thank you.


Coming soon!

Vidquik is a new video conferencing and presentation service that is launching in the coming weeks.  For our alpha stage, where we work out the bugs and kinks, we decided to launch a simple version of our platform.

It will be just the video conferencing service.  Since our platform is browser-based, no downloads are needed and no sign-up either.  Just send an invite to the person you want to video conference with, they receive an email and click on our link, and then you two are good to go.

No download, no sign-up, no hassles that’s fast, easy and secure.  Yep, we’re coming soon!